Visit of MBA Students from Canada - 15-16 April, 2009
  A group of 12 MBA Students from the University of Victoria, Canada arrived on a two day visit of Mumbai as part of their project on ‘Intelligent Street Lighting’. They were accompanied by Dr. A.R. Elangovan, Associate Dean & Director, International Programs, Associate Professor and Dr. Saul Klein, Lansdowne Professor of International Business,Director of Executive Programs, University of Victoria. The Students visited Crompton Greaves,Reliance Infrastructure, Versova Receiving Station, BEST Headquarters and Bajaj Electricals Ltd where various presentations were conducted and views exchanged.
Evolution in Lighting Technology – 30 Oct.,2009
  An informative and interesting presentation on Evolution in Lighting Technology was made by Shri K.Naveen, GM, Bajaj Electricals, Mumbai and Hon. Secretary, ISLE – MSC on 30.10.2009. After taking through the developments in Lighting, details were also given on the latest trends in SSL / LED and their application for several applications.
Membership Drive – 13 Nov.,2009
  As per the decision taken during Annual General Body Meeting held on 30.10.2009, an Awareness Program on ISLE Activities was organised at Reliance Industries Ltd. at their Navi Mumbai complex exclusively for their Engineers / Staff on 13.11.2009. It was attended by about 35 members including Shri Sanjay Srivastava, Vice-President, Ms.Rohini Bharadwaj Assistant Vice-President (Infrastructure Engineering), both from Reliance Retail Limited, Navi Mumbai. As a result of this initiative, till date 10 individuals from RIL / RRL have applied for ISLE Membership, almost all for Life Membership. Welcome to ISLE Family !
Modern Trends in Lighting - 13 Nov.,2009
  An interesting presentation for the Reliance Industries Ltd was made by Mr.K.Naveen, GM – Bajaj Electricals, and Hon. Secretary, ISLE : MSC, which was well appreciated.
Membership Drive at Aurangabad – 23 Jan.,2010
  A presentation on the activities of ISLE was made by Dr.Prakash Barjatia on 23 Jan.,2010. It was attended by about 50 Students and Faculty Members.
International Seminar on Lighting – Lights in Goa –10-12 Feb.,2010
  The event held on Feb.10-12,2010 at Panji, Goa specifically on the Architectural Lighting Design aimed at educating the design fraternity on what exactly a Lighting Designer does and what tools and skills form a part of repertoire while demonstrating the light sources and their fundamentals as also designing with artificial light and daylight. Dr.Avinash D.Kulkarni,President-ISLE and Dr.Prakash Barjatia,Chairman-ISLE : MSC were specifically invited for the event.
Oath Taking Ceremony of New Committee – 21 Jul.,2009
  ISLE Indore Local Centre (ILC) organized a program on 21 Jul.,2009 for OATH taking ceremony of newly elected Management Committee. Welcoming everybody present, Mr Akhilesh Jain, newly elected Chairman, mentioned that ILC plans to conduct programs every month. The Oath was given by Dr.Prakash Barjatia, Chairman of Mumbai State Centre, who was specially present for the purpose. The new Committee of the Centre comprised the following:

Mr Akhilesh Jain            -            Chairman
Mr Dinesh Wadhwa      -             Hon. Secretary
Mr Kiran P. Shinde        -             Hon.Treasurer
Dr. R.L. Sawhney         -             Member
Mr. Vijay Panse             -             Member
Mr. Dilip Dharkar           -             Immediate Past Chairman
GREEN Lighting and Lighting Education - 21 Jul.,2009
  GREEN Lighting and Lighting Education - 21 Jul.,2009 After the Oath Taking Ceremony, an interesting presentation was made by Dr.Barjatia on GREEN Lighting and Lighting Education. The event was sponsored by MIT School of Energy & Lighting,Pune
Modern Trends in Lighting – 29 Nov.,2009
  As a part of series of lectures/seminars during ISLE Silver Jubilee Year, a talk on “Modern Trends in Lighting” was organized by Indore Local Centre of ISLE on 29th November 2009. Mr Rajendra Raje made a presentation on the subject highlighting the factors influencing the modern trends.
Lecture on the Optimisation of Lighting in Buildings : 27 Dec., 2009
  A lecture on the Optimisation of Lighting in Buildings by senior Architect, Dr. Kiran P. Shinde was organised by Indore Local Centre. The lecture covered lighting in both interior and exterior applications. To illustrate various optimization techniques, he used examples from the lighting of hotels and hospitals.
Sun Light: The Gift of Nature – 31 Jan.,2010
  A talk by Prof. Shreekant Tare was organised on 31 Jan.,2010. He deliberated on –
  If Sun would not have been there ?
  Why there are 6 months Night and Day at Poles ?
  How much Lux Level is received from Sun ?
  What is the temperature near Sun ?
Metal Halide Lighting : Overview and Advancements – 28 Feb.,2010
  Shri Akhilesh Jain, Chairman, ISLE Indore Local Centre deliberated on the topic. A number of excellent lighting application and installations pictures were presented on Highways, Street, Area, Stadium, Parking Lot, Airport , Showrooms, Monuments etc.
Technical Program on Lighting Design – 10 April, 2009
  A Technical program on Lighting Design for the Students, Architects, Interior Designers, ISLE Members and Lighting Professionals was organised by ISLE-MITSEL Student Chapter on Friday, 10th April, 2009 at MIT Campus. In this half day programme, Mr. K. Naveen, General Manager – Lighting Design, Luminaires BU, Bajaj Electricals, Mumbai gave a detailed presentation on the various aspects of Lighting Design The programme was attended by more than 30 students and academicians.
  MITSEL – ISLE Student Chapter in association with the Pune Local Centre and Mumbai State Centre decided to hold Lectures / Seminars and Visits as a part of Silver Jubilee Celebrations. It was also decided to keep these open for ISLE Members, Lighting Professionals and anybody who is interested in the subject of Lighting, in addition to students. All events were organized by Students with the help of Lighting Faculty Prof. Shilpa Pant under the guidance of Dr.Prakash Barjatia, Director-MIT Lighting Research Academy, Pune. All Lectures / Seminars were held at MIT Campus, Kothrud, Pune.
Lecture - Energy Efficiency in Lighting Design – 19 Feb.,2010
  The Silver Jubilee Celebrations were launched on 19 Feb.,2010 with the Lecture of Mr.Anil Valia, Lighting Designer & Educator and also author of "Designing with Light - A Lighting Handbook". Topic of his presentation was Energy Efficiency in Lighting Design. The Program was chaired by Dr.Avinash Kulkarni, President – ISLE, who appreciated the initiative of students for organizing events as a part of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of ISLE.
Visit – CIRT Testing Laboratories – 26 Feb.,2010
  A visit to the Photometric and Electrical Testing & Calibration Facilities of the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune was arranged for the students and faculty members on 26 Feb.,2010. CIRT is well equipped with the state of art facilities specifically for automotive lighting and signaling equipments. It was well appreciated by the students.
Seminar - Exterior Lighting – 27 Feb.,2010
  The subject Seminar was organised on 27 Feb.,2010. It was addressed by Mr.K.Naveen, General Manager of Bajaj Electricals, Mumbai. Different aspects of exterior lighting were dealt by him, in which he also covered different types of light sources relevant to their applications. The Seminar was attended by students, academicians and lighting professionals and was appreciated by all.
Lecture - Primary Source of Light : The Sun – 26 Mar.,2010
  Prof. Shreekant Tare of Indore made an interesting presentation on 26 Mar.,2010 on the subject elaborating the importance of Sun for making human life possible and comfortable. He emphasized the need of utilizing to the maximum possible extent the Sun Energy for illumination and other applications as a source of alternate source of energy. Prof.(Dr.) O.N.Awasthi, Ex. Dean of Instruction;Regional Institute of Education(NCERT)
  1. Membership Drive at Colleges / Universities
  2. LRC Program
  3. Launching of MSC Website
  (Stan Alvares)
  Hon. Secretary : Mumbai State Centre
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